Grand Union Canal

Approximately 9 miles of canal (bridge 68 – 76 and 81 – 102) winding through parkland and urban areas with an average depth of 1.25 metres. Fish from towpath side ONLY.

The canal is a mixed fishery and can throw up a few surprises, it has produced carp to 37lb which held the Milton Keynes Angling Association for a number of years , it has also produced eels to 9lb and catfish to 30lb. It has good stocks of silvers, bream/skimmers in abundance, plenty of roach, rudd, perch, pike along with tench, carp, zander and localised stocks of chub. A good option for anglers when the rivers are in flood and is a good reserve venue for club matches when the river is out of sorts. (please see breakdown of canal sections and bridge numbers).

Open all year.

Day tickets are available on the bank.

Night fishing is permitted

• Please avoid hitting boats with ground bait and tackle or disturbing residents of moored boats.
• The canal tow path can be busy with walkers/jogger/cyclist so we would urge anglers not to completely block towpaths when fishing.

Wolverton Canal (Bridge numbers 76 to 68)

This stretch of canal runs from the Blackhorse pub, loops around Oakridge Park and Bradwell through to the Galleon pub in Wolverton. Although the boat traffic on the canal has increased it is still a prolific water with a good head silvers, large numbers of bream, roach, pike and perch along with a small quantity of carp, chub and tench. Early mornings or evening section when the boats have quieten down can be very productive. The venue is very popular with the lure anglers targeting the predators that dwell in the cut.

Grand Union Canal North, Bridge numbers 81 to 85a

Giffard Park through to Woughton on the Green, the canal winds it way through Parkland and housing estates, easy access via canal bridges from a number of estates with a wide redway running along the length of the canal along this stretch behind the towpath. There is plenty of bankside cover overhanging the far bank.

Grand Union Central Bridge numbers 89 to 95a.

Woughton on the Green, through to Fenny High Street. A long stretch popular with match anglers and is often used for the MKAA spring league. Fenny Lock is within this section. This section is also very popular with the sport fishermen who enjoy their drop shot/ lure fishing fishing. Fishing opposite the entrance to Milton Keynes marina can be very productive but there will also be increased boat traffic in this area.

Grand Union Canal South Bridge Numbers 95a to 102

Heading out of Milton Keynes going towards Water Eaton the canal has more movement as it gets closer towards the three locks, Again this stretch is popular with the match angler, Willow Bridge (on line Marina) is a wider section of the cut and is popular with the pike anglers. This section has produced a number of catfish. Please note Bridge 97 is only accessible via Watling Street and into the entrance to Manor Fields. Follow the drive through Manor Fields and up to the bridge. Please do not park in Sycamore Ave. or Pinewood Drive as the bridge is now closed.

Canal Sections

Canal Section
1A & B102 - 99
2A & B99 - 98
3A & B98 - 96
4A & B96 - 94
5A & B94 - 92
6A & B92 - 91
7A & B91 - 90
8A & B90 - 88
9A & B88 - 85A
10A & B85A - 82A
11A & B82A - 81

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