Lodge Lake

Fishing from dawn to dusk for MKAA season ticket holders and day ticket anglers.

Night Fishing for Lodge Lake Syndicate members only.
Lodge Lake closed to fishing 15th March – 15th June inclusive due to the old statutory close season.

A GOOD general fishery, this 10 acre (approx) lake has a deserved reputation for quality fishing, and is a favourite with many.

The lake has a good head of silvers, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon, bream, tench and carp, and currently holds the association’s Crucian record. That fish was caught a while back, but this water can always throw up some surprises.

With a selection of intimate pools and bays, many away from the main footpaths, Lodge can provide tranquil fishing even though it is part of the city’s balancing lake system.

There are some 40 permanent pegs around the lake, with a couple of small ponds where the Loughton brook enters the lake.

Obviously conditions can vary depending on rain fall, but the general depth of the lake is 2 to 12 feet – so it is always worth plumbing the depth as it can vary between visits.

The lake caters for specimen, pleasure and match anglers, and has a good head of carp which go to the mid 20’s, along with shoals of roach.

Double-figure nets of roach, rudd and perch are caught – with 20lb+ bags of silvers possible, the silvers often respond well to hemp and tares in the warmer months. The pools can be good for a bite in winter, with bread punch often being the going bait.

Matches are often won with good bags of bream on feeder fished against the far bank reeds.

Due to the nature of the lake it lends itself to stalking and can produce carp to surface baits or bottom baits in the margins.

There are also some good size perch…but they can be very elusive!

Lodge has benefited from a programme of additional stocking (set to continue) over the past three years, with the introduction of tench ranging from 8in to 2lb along with fast-growing common and mirror carp in the 7lb -9lb range

NB: a small area of the northern end of ‘A’ section (part of the Paddocks, opposite the houses and marked on the map) is ‘no night fishing’.

Due to anti-social behaviour in the past (by a small number of people) night fishing is limited to Lodge Lake night syndicate members only. 

If you value your MKAA ticket PLEASE help to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

If you value your MKAA ticket PLEASE help to stamp out anti-social behaviour.
Lodge Lake Night Syndicate membership requirements 
• Members must hold an MKAA season book.
• Members must hold a valid EA rod licence
• Members are required to help bailiff the lake at dusk/night on a rotation basis throughout the year.
• Passport size photo required for membership card.
• No guests permitted
• To be paid up members of the syndicate (£25.00).
• Abide by all MKAA general rules.
• Syndicate members must honour any MKAA pre-booked matches and to be off the water by midnight before the arranged match.
If you are interested in joining the Lodge Night Syndicate and feel you can meet the above criteria then please contact Gary Maton at info@mkaa.co.uk.
Membership will need to be renewed each season.
We apologise to MKAA members that we had to take this course of action…but it was a choice of ‘no night fishing or a syndicate’.
Membership will need to be renewed each season and Season runs from 16th June through till the 14th March.


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