MKAA aims to provide something for almost everyone, be their taste for pleasure angling, pursuit of specimens, particular species, matches, lure angling, fishing with a few mates, getting away from it all…or if you are just starting out.

And we’re dedicated to constantly trying to improve our offer, upping our game, at the best value for money prices we can achieve.

Our latest investments (during late 2022 and early 2023) have included some £20,000 worth of extra fish – including carp and tench in various waters plus thousands of roach in others – all part of our on-going stocking/improvement programme.

And we’re currently spending thousands more on bankside repairs and improvements at our Bradwell complex – a 24 acre former gravel pit (with adjacent ¼ mile of Upper Ouse bank) which MKAA bought outright in 1996 and has been developing ever since.

It all costs money: reinvestment of any surplus from sale of season and daytickets, grants where available and the occasional donation, the latter for which the volunteer-led association is always extremely grateful.

Thank you everyone who contributes.

YOU are helping make a difference.