The Association try to offer the same fishing venues to all members, unfortunately there are occasions when that is not always possible and arrangement have to be put in place to protect the fishing.

The Association is currently running two syndicates, a night syndicate on Lodge Lake and a MKAAbeaches syndicate on one bank of Willen Lake.

The Lodge Lake night syndicate is open to all MKAA members, membership of the syndicate costs £25.00 per year and all money raised is used to restock the lake. There is no limit to the number of members.

Members are required to bailiff the lake in the evening on a monthly basis and the rota is posted on a closed group Facebook page (syndicate members only).

The Beaches syndicate members are allowed to fish the Portway Bank on Willen South again membership is open to MKAA members however the membership is restricted to 33 members and there is an extensive waiting list. There is a membership fee of £40.00 and members are required to bailiff the syndicate/ waterfront area. THE WAITING LIST IS CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO NUMBER OF ANGLERS WAITING TO JOIN.