Youth Match Fishing

MKAA has entered junior and intermediate teams into several competitions again this year. Under the management of Ian Greenhood the MKAA team has been very successful and look forward to in doing so again.

MKAA is looking for new members to strengthen our two squads, age groups 12-15 yrs old and 16-19 yrs old. Its best if new anglers have some experience; it does not have to be in match fishing but this is not for complete beginners. If you are a complete beginner then have a look at the Junior Teach-in sessions run by Nuala.

The team is not a large group compared to some clubs but we do have some excellent anglers and some experienced adult match anglers who are willing to pass on their knowledge.

As these matches are some distance away it does mean there is some travelling to do and we do like parents to get involved and travel with the team.

For more details ring Ian on 01908 503587 or email him on